Our Edible Landscape

Over the past couple months in between jobs, I along with another photographer have been working on a short documentary about a sheep rancher in Sonoma County. I've been enjoying the process of video and the creative challenges it brings. Our hope is that we can produce more of these short videos, with the overarching theme being Our Edible Landscape, a deeper look into the food that we eat. 

Below is a collection of images from the production as well as the video.

Mason Cellars | Napa, CA.

Last year, I did work for Napa-based winery, Mason Cellars. We started in early fall capturing harvest, followed by lifestyle imagery for their different labels. It was fun producing a variety of work for a single client. The final website needed to be a cohesive set of images, but each wine page also needed to have its on own story.

We had a great team and a great group of models that made it all happen. 

Art Direction - Matt Klug
Stylist - Caitlin Morgenrath
Wardrobe/Hair & Makeup - Morgen Kohn

Mason Cellars Website

Deal Island, MD

It's the middle of winter and bitter cold—but that doesn't stop these Chesapeake Bay watermen from dredging for oysters in Deal Island, MD. The tedious and repetitious process of dredging requires hard work, a battling of the elements, and high physical demands over the course of a thirteen hour day. I was lucky enough to venture out with the locals on a Skipjack—a type of boat rarely used for oystering anymore. This vessel is one of the thirty-six remaining traditional Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks and member of the last commercial sailing fleet in the United States.

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Fly Fishing, MT

I had the privilege to visit Montana this past summer and shadow a professional fly fisherman for a couple days. You couldn't ask for a better backdrop and a more perfect subject. For three days, we explored Montana's scenic rivers, each one offering something new to look at. Thanks again to Nicholas Calabro. Not only was he knowledgeable about the land, but he was intensively passionate about fly fishing, which translated through these pictures.

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