Northern California

It has been a wet winter here in California, but it doesn't stop us from creating great content. Recently I did a lifestyle shoot for both a still campaign and video. For the video, the weather did not corporate and we had strong wind and rain. This allowed us to get a little creative and come up with some new locations, and in the end it all worked out great. A couple days later we were able to get some of that great California light for a few stills. I had the privilege of working with a really great team on this one.

  • Hair & Makeup - Chris McDonald

  • Wardrobe - Shayla Dopp

  • Camera - Ted Thomas

  • Male Model - Dario Slavazza

  • Female Model - Izabelly Santos

Eleven Hour Day

I recently documented fishermen who were fishing for dungeness crab in the San Francisco Bay. The experience gave me a new perspective on what actually goes on behind the curtain of our food culture. I couldn't help but continue this ongoing exploration (obsession). I contacted a friend who is a chef in Southern California, and asked if I could shadow him for his eleven hour day. In the series of Fishing for Local Fare, I talked about the hands that touch our food—this is an extension of that thought. Exploring a more personal look into the life of a chef at a fine dining establishment.

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