Better Being Underground

Better Being Underground {NYC}

I wanted to hit up a few good lunch spots while I was in New York. I did a good amount of research, but honestly, you could research for days and days, but at the end of the day, you’ve just got to go with something. The first lunch spot was a place called Better Being Underground, and it was exactly that. After getting rerouted from the sidewalk, I walked down a flight of stairs and opened the door to find about a 250 square foot room. I’ll put it to you this way: there were about six people in the room and I had a hard time getting out. There were no tables and no chairs; it was only take-out. The menu changes a bit from day-to-day, but some items stay the same. Everything sounded great, but I decided to go with “The Fu Man Chew.” This sandwich had Korean BBQ free-range chicken, Kimchi slaw, and Sriracha mayo all on a whole wheat square Ciabatta. My sandwich also came with two (what tasted like) homemade pickles and a bag of chips. There was quite a bit of spiciness to the sandwich, but it was a flavorful kind of spiciness. I love Sriracha, so I had no complaints on that. The Kimchi slaw offered a little contrast from the spicy Sriracha, but it still had some heat. The chicken tasted fine; I mean, how could it be the biggest flavor with the Kimchi and Sriracha battling for first? The whole wheat Ciabatta tasted subtle yet fresh, allowing the rest of the ingredients to come forward. If you are in the Greenwich Village area looking for a tasty sandwich made with organic ingredients, I would definitely give this place a shot.