This Little had Roast Beef

This Little Piggy had Roast Beef {NYC}

I had my third lunch in the city at This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef. This joint is known for their roast beef sandwich and their pastrami on rye. I went with the roast beef. They had their own take on how to order your sandwich, and I’m pretty sure they picked it up from Pat’s Cheese Steaks in Philadelphia.  You could either order “This way” or “That way,” and I went with “This way.” "This way" came on a bun with cheese wiz and aujus, but if I had opted for the "that way," it would have come on an Italian hero with gravy and mozzarella. I also ordered the hand cut fries which, as the picture shows, weren’t your typical hand cut fries. My sandwich was good and reminded me a lot of Pat’s, so it couldn’t have been that bad.