Spicy Capocollo Egg Sandwich

This sandwich makes my day. -  Spicy capocollo -  Fried egg -  Blackberry jam -  Cheese (preferably pepper jack) -  Ciabatta

We had some leftover ingredients from our bread and cheese night, so I decided to put together a sandwich. It's a very simple sandwich to make: toast up some Ciabatta and spread a little blackberry jam on one side. Take a couple slices of spicy Capocollo, and fry it until it starts to become firmer and aromatic. Put the Capocollo to the side, and begin to fry your egg (or two if you like). Once you flip the egg, place a slice of cheese on the egg so that it melts. I had pepper jack on hand, but most cheeses will work, or if you prefer, no cheese has to be added.