Sriracha Glazed Burgers

This burger has to be my favorite to make. The sweet and spicy glaze, saltiness of the meat, and creaminess of the aioli makes great attributes for an even better burger. I started with three quarters chuck and one quarter sirloin, chopped it into half-inch cubes, chilled it, and then pulsed it in the food processor (about 10 to 12 pulses).  You may have to go through the meat to check for and remove any larger chunks. I then proceeded to create the patties, making sure I didn’t over mix the meat. You can either roll that up and fridge it, or you can go right to cooking. For this batch of burgers, I used an iron skillet. I got it considerably hot, salt and peppered both sides of the meat very generously, and placed them in the pan. This is where your cooking experience will come in handy: the first flip of the burger (for if you do it more than once, the burger gods will smite you). After the flip, apply the cheese. I went with havarti but would recommend pepper jack. Cook until you have a good medium and then let rest for a few minutes.  For the bun, melt some butter, brush it on both sides of the bun, and toast them to perfection.

My Sriracha glaze uses the following ingredients, and I just mix to taste (just start in small measurements):

-       Apricot Jam (you could also use peach jam) -       Rice Vinegar -       Sriracha -       Fresh Chives

I started with a quarter cup of jam, followed by a tablespoon of Sriracha , a couple tablespoons of chives, and about a teaspoon of rice vinegar. You may want to add more Sriracha for a bigger kick.

Now for the aioli.  The best thing I can tell you if you’ve never made an aioli is: Google it, and follow the directions closely or just use Mayo. I used egg yolks, a splash of lemon juice, good olive oil, a couple of garlic cloves, and salt and pepper to taste. I’m giving these directions loosely because I feel that certain recipes are meant to be bent and broken.

Apply the sirarcha glaze to one side of the bun and the garlic aioli to the other. Place the rested meat on the bun and top with sweet pickles. Then, enjoy.