Juicy Lucy

After having our first Juicy Lucy, we were inspired to make our own.  The ingredients I used are as follows: -   1 lb. of 85:15 ground chuck -  1 egg yolk -  1 jalapeno -  Gouda (Can be smoked Gouda) -  Bacon -  Ciabatta

I was a little worried that the ingredients would break through the meat while they were on the grill, so I used an egg yolk to help hold the meat together. I cooked the bacon, let it cool, then thinly sliced it. I cut the Gouda into very small pieces and minced the jalapeno. For two burgers, I divided the meat into quarters. I took two of the quarters and made small patties, and then placed the Gouda, bacon, and jalapeno on top of the patties (I put a generous amount as you can see below). I then placed the other two patties on top and sealed them around the edges. I placed them back in the refrigerator until we were about ready to begin the cooking process. I took the meat out of the refrigerator and let sit for awhile, and then salt and peppered both sides. I cooked the burgers on the grill which was about 450 degrees (I like to use high temperatures when cooking red meat). I used Ciabatta since it was available and fresh at the store, but you can use any good hamburger bun. We didn't have any particular condiments set aside for this burger as any thing could really work.