This Italian restaurant is located in St. Paul, and it is our favorite place to go and grab some hearty Italian. The lasagna is out of this world: Italian sausage, mozzarella, ricotta, and their amazing red sauce are only parts of this amazing dish. Crazy enough, the lasagna comes with a side of penne pasta with more red sauce and a garlic bread stick. If you leave Cossetta’s feeling unsatisfied or with an empty stomach, you went to the wrong place.

This last particular time, I was really feeling a meatball sub. Pretty simple sandwich really: meatballs, red sauce, all on a good, crusty bread. I’ve also had a very good Italian cold cut and pizza that I put right up there with the lasagna. If I lived closer to St. Paul, this would be my go-to spot for pizza.  It’s an abnormally huge, thin crust pizza that can be served by the slice.

Once you walk in, you make your way over to the beginning of the line. After grabbing your tray, utensils, and napkins, the ordering of food goes as follows: cold food, hot food, pizza, then drinks. There is a second floor for additional seating and on the opposite side of the food stations, there is a little Italian market with good meat, cheeses, olive oils, and so much more.