A while ago, someone told me that I had to try the egg and pastrami sandwich at Be'Wiched. I've tried other sandwiches from this deli before, and they have always been good. Plus, I can never pass up an egg sandwich of any kind. The sandwich consisted of an over easy egg, pastrami, bell peppers, and harissa (a North African chili sauce) served on a cheese and rosemary Focaccia bread. The bread was fresh, the egg was cooked perfectly, and the pastrami was tender. The peppers and harissa added big flavor. Usually in the morning, I go for more simple flavors that are delicate on the palette, but you have to make an exception every now and then. I also discovered that Food Network's magazine had an article featuring the best breakfast spot in each of the 50 states, and Be’Wiched’s egg and pastrami took Minnesota.