Capocollo Chévre Burger

Ingredients: -  3/4 chuck & 1/4 brisket -  Chévre cheese -  Chives -  Capocollo or Prosciutto -  Pure maple syrup -  Kaiser buns -  Salt & pepper

I prepared the burger meat just as I did for the last burger by using the food processor. Instead of sirloin, I went with brisket.

Cut the chives finely, mix them into the goat cheese, and then set aside. Fry your prosciutto or capocollo until it starts to caramelize on both sides. Once removed from the heat, the meat will start to harden. After cooling, lightly drizzle or brush the maple syrup on top so that it evenly coats the meat.

Next, butter and toast the buns. Slather on the chévre, place the rested burger patty, top with the maple-coated prosciutto/capocolla, and enjoy.